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Administrativ Shares on NTFS Volumes

We need to have a folder shared called "Profiles" the share name have to be p$ The problem is, that we're not able to set permissions on this share. The Information Message: "This has been shared for administrative purpose. The share permission and file security cannot be set."

I know that windows OS has some default administration shares for sharing the local disks as such C$ D$ E$ and Admin$ Fax$ IPC$ Netlogon and at least Print$

p$ is no default administrativ share and is usable for a normal file share name...

Why it is not possible in netapp CIFS shares to use any single letter A$-Z$ for a default file share?


Re: Administrativ Shares on NTFS Volumes


Anything shared with a $ at the end of the name becomes a hidden administrative share so you cannot change permissions on it. Create a share without the $ at the end.

Re: Administrativ Shares on NTFS Volumes

I have a lot of $ shares and use them specifically to set permissions on subdirectories. In ONTAP 8 I've been using the C$ share exclusively.

There really shouldn't be any issues with setting the permissions; provided the file system security is NTFS and the account you're using to change permissions has the permission to do so, and the directory is not within a SV destination. When changing the permissions of the directory shared you should see a warning stating that doing so could be bad mojo.

What does the output of 'cifs shares p$' look like?

And, 'fsecurity show /vol/<path>/<to>/Profiles'?

ONTAP version?

Windows version?


Re: Administrativ Shares on NTFS Volumes

How do you change permissions? CLI, Filer View, Windows MMC?

Re: Administrativ Shares on NTFS Volumes

What is the location of this folder? Is it sitting in one of the admin shares path?

Reena Gupta

Re: Administrativ Shares on NTFS Volumes


Yes any shared Directory with a $ is hidden, but not automatecly an

administrativ share. If I make a share like data$ I'm able to chang

permissions. however!

Re: Administrativ Shares on NTFS Volumes


I've tried to do ther permissions in windows MMC

Re: Administrativ Shares on NTFS Volumes

here is the whole path from de directory I have to share:



thats the folder I want to share. If I do the share with "pr$" it works

well but not wiht a single letter... the problem is, that we have to

migrate all user profiles from the old storage system on the netapp and

that the share on the old system is p$. If we would create an other

share name on the netapp, we have to change all active directory entries

from all users...

Re: Administrativ Shares on NTFS Volumes

Windows can only handle default windows hidden shares, which are created on a windows server. To set permissions on netapp hidden shares with only one letter, you have to do it either on the console or on the web interface "filer-view". It is no problem to set permissions ond single letter hidden shares there.

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