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Auto-generated by cifs setup

Hi All

Can someone explain me, when cifs (setup) creates a rc File.

I have had a situation, where my rc file was overrided by a rc file with the comment #Auto-generated by cifs setup (of course after I re-run the command cifs setup )

I have tried with simulator, but my rc File is the same after re-run cifs setup....

Now I want to know when this can happen....

Thanks in advance


Re: Auto-generated by cifs setup

Hi Thomas,

cifs setup would change the RC if you haven't any DNS configuration before in the file...

the setup script will ask  for server and suffix...



Re: Auto-generated by cifs setup

Hi jan

Thanks for your answer.

This is also the reason, why it doesn't happen on my Simulator (Beacuse is a Workgroup and so the setup doesnt ask for DNS related things)