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Autosize report on resized volumes - maximum size exceeded


I have several volumes that where originally created, say 500Gb, with Autosize Enabled.  Weeks later, I increased these volumes, say 1000Gb.  Now, with Autosize enabled, and by default the maximum size a volume is permitted to autosize is 120% of the original size of the volume at time of creation (ie 500Gb).  I would say now the volumes will no longer autosize itself when needed.  Is my assumption correct???  Besides using DFM, and manually going through each volume, is there an easy report I can create that shows which volumes have exceeded the maximum size?  And, is there a way to automate, or reset, the values of multible volumes without running vol autosize -m on each volume, which could take forever..





I would agree with you assumption but you know what they say...  Assume, Makes an ass of U & me  {sorry}

Why not test it by creating a new flexvol of 5 Mb and share it as a CIFS/NFS volume.  Copy in files and see what happens.

Please not with small volumes the first copy will fail for lack of space as the filer can not grow fast enough to keep the host happy.  {At least this has been my exprience}

Hope it helps


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