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Best way to rename a volume


I have a series of volumes that I would like to rename. Fortunately it wouldn't be that big of a deal if I had to re-do everything, but I was wondering if by simply renaming the volume would this break any of the following:

Volumes are in a current snapmirror relationship = would this continue? or would I need to set them back up after rename?

Volumes are connected via iSCSI LUNs and being used for SQL DBs via SMSQL = Would this break?

I have a few datastores via NFS connected to ESXi 5 Hosts.. renaming them here cause any issues?

We backup the datastores via SMVI.. rename break the backup?

We recently changed our naming convention and would like to change a few characters in the volume's names to reflect.



Re: Best way to rename a volume


For SnapMirror the snapmirror.conf file (or if using PM check the policies) would need to be updated but no need to initialize again.  For LUNs, the mappings stay intact dynamically with a vol rename.  CIFS automatically changes share paths to a rename.  NFS depending on the option for will automatically update exports (default is on but many turn it off) - but a clients would need to change their mount name if -actual isn't used.  That could affect the ESXi hosts.

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