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BranchCache configuration not working


Dear all,


I recently configured the BranchCache feature on one of our vServers.

I configured it according to the procedures provided by Netapp.


Somehow the Windows 7 clients do not use the BranchCache feature when accessing data on a share that has BranchCache enabled. When trying with a Windows server fileshare it works.


When looking at the statistics I get the following failures


branchcache_hash_fetch_fail                                     2


The following is the configuration:


                                 Vserver: <name>
          Supported BranchCache Versions: enable_all
                      Path to Hash Store: /BCHashes
          Maximum Size of the Hash Store: 20GB
Encryption Key Used to Secure the Hashes: -
        CIFS BranchCache Operating Modes: all_shares


And this is the share config:


                                      Vserver: <name>
                                        Share: BC_Test
                     CIFS Server NetBIOS Name: <name>
                                         Path: /BC_Test
                             Share Properties: branchcache
                           Symlink Properties: enable
                      File Mode Creation Mask: -
                 Directory Mode Creation Mask: -
                                Share Comment: -
                                    Share ACL: <users having access>
                File Attribute Cache Lifetime: -
                                  Volume Name: BC_Test
                                Offline Files: manual
                Vscan File-Operations Profile: standard
            Maximum Tree Connections on Share: 4294967295
                   UNIX Group for File Create: -


What am I overlooking 🙂


Thanks in advance



Re: BranchCache configuration not working




Please check teh requirements: 

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