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Bug in CifsShareAclInfo, ShareName always null



I think I have found a little bug in ontap 4.1 .net bindings.

If I want to create a list or a single item from type CifsShareAclInfo the ShareName is always null.


Below a sample of my application:

--------------------------------Begin Sample--------------------------------------------------------

CifsShareAclListIterStart NAShareACStart = new CifsShareAclListIterStart();

CifsShareAclListIterStartResult NAShareACStartResult;

NAShareACStartResult = NAShareACStart.Invoke(this.ServerObj);

long? ShareItems = NAShareACStartResult.Records;

String ShareTag = NAShareACStartResult.Tag;


CifsShareAclListIterNext NAShareNext = new CifsShareAclListIterNext();

NAShareNext.Tag = ShareTag;

NAShareNext.Maximum = 100;

CifsShareAclListIterNextResult NAShareNextResult;


//Get all the ranges from Next shares.

if(ShareItems != null)


     long AddedToList = 0;

     while(AddedToList < ShareItems)


          NAShareNextResult = NAShareNext.Invoke(this.ServerObj);


          AddedToList += 100;




//End the Shares session

CifsShareAclListIterEnd NAShareEnd = new CifsShareAclListIterEnd();

NAShareEnd.Tag = ShareTag;

CifsShareAclListIterEndResult NAShareEndResult = NAShareEnd.Invoke(this.ServerObj);

-----------------------------------------End Sample---------------------------------------------------------

So now you know the permissions on a share but haven’t got a clue with share it is….

Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong here?

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