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CIFS Auditing Software

I am looking for a piece of software that can monitor the CIFS shares on my

filer.  I need to know who is accessing what files as well as who is creating and deleting what.  NetA

pp's cifs audit isn't good enough.  i need to do reports and what not.  Do you all have any suggestions?  We have tested Var

onis' software and it was pretty good with the exception of some false positives I found during my testing.  I am having a hard time finding another solution.  Most of the software I find requires and agent being installed on a Windows host.  I obviously can't do that with CIFS shares on a NetApp.


Re: CIFS Auditing Software

I came across the following, in my own search for something similar.



NTP Software


And then there is Windows Auditing itself, of which this is built-in and can be enabled on the Filer.

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