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CIFS Authentication



We have around 7 vfilers created and all the vfilers added to the child domain ( ) and its working fine. However recently there was a request to access the cifs shares which is on these vfiler form the users/groups from the parent domain (group.local ) , we set the permissions on the shares to allow those useres but those users are unabe to access the share.  


Do we need to add the vfilers to the partner domain instead of the child domain to meet the above requirement or is there any other alternate method?





Re: CIFS Authentication

What domain mode did you join the Filers to the domain in?

Re: CIFS Authentication

We have joined the filer to child domain, all the users authentication working fine for child domain but the users from parent domain are unable to authenticate. There is trust relationship between the primary and child domains in place as well 

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