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CIFS Migration from across domains

I am working on a CIFS migration from one domain to another. Because of the type of project, there have been 2 one-way trust setup between the new domain and the old domain. I am not sure why a two-way trust wasn't setup, but I cannot get this changed. Is there anything that I need to do on the storage controllers in order to access and add users from the new domain to the currents CIFS shares? When I use computer management, I can see the trusted domain, but I am not able to query any objects. I wanted to make sure I was not missing anything from the storage controller side.


Thank you in advance. 


Re: CIFS Migration from across domains



Hope this helps:




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Re: CIFS Migration from across domains

Thank you for the reply, but the first article is much older. We are on 2008 domains already. I think it may be a STIG that is preventing the enumeration of users. 

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