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CIFS Migration


Hi Guys,

We have successfully moved all the volumes along with their Qtree from our old NetApp to the new one , would you guys please let  me know:

1. What is the next step to configure the New CIFS server in order to make changes invisible for hosts and users so they can continue using the CIFS via new NetApp without changing any mapping and etc. ( I know I have to make some changes in CIFSSetup.cfg  and other CIFS config files but dont know the exact process)

2. for mapping mirrored LUNs from new NetApp to servers and un mapping the old LUNs  , what is the best practice.



Re: CIFS Migration



CIFS protocol is a session oriented protocol so I believe it is impossible to do it with out down time. In our migration we used DSM so mapping was done by administrators instead of users.

For LUN mapping, :

Unmap the initiators.

run snapmirror update.(to guaranty that no data will be missing)

online the new volume

map the initiators to the new LUNs

Release snapmirror relation to get rid of the un-needed snapmirror snapshot.

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