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CIFS/NFS share performance monitoring


I am interested in monitoring CIFS/NFS shares and I would like to know how I can gather  read/write ops counters to a specific share. Looking at the Performance Advisor Administration Guide For Use with DataFabric Manager Server 4.0 documentation, the lowest level of monitoring seems to be at the qtree level. 

My concern is how I can identifiy a specific share once a qtree is identified as expeirencing high read/write ops.


Re: CIFS/NFS share performance monitoring



Currently we do not have this feature supported to identify specific share using PA, given that one can identify the clients( CIFS/NFS)  who is causing performance degradation on the controller.

On NMC , go to Monitor->client statistics-->choose the controller of interest from the HOST list-->click client statistics for the time period of Interest. Once the top five clients are identified which are causing performance degradation on the controller,user can look at the shares/nfs mounts on those clients and mapped to the corresponding qtrees and take necessary action.

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