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CIFS Setup process


Hello NetApp Experts,

Recently we bought a new Netapp FAS 3270 filer. Now I need to give the access for Windows hosts using CIFS. It would be great if some one explains the step by step process of giving new access to windows host using CIFS protocol.

Thank you sooo much in advance.


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run cifs setup and follow the steps. ( if you use wins server, you have to enter their IP). when the setup ask you to add the filer to AD, you have to do this with a user that have write permission to the AD.

when the setup is ok, you crete volume and qtree. After you create your shares :

cifs shares -add <shareName> <path>

We give the permission acces with : cifs access <share> [-g] <user|group> <rights> ( permission are given to a user or a group of users and not to a host)

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Re: CIFS Setup process


Thanks For your reply Said

Re: CIFS Setup process



how do I know what interfaces are being used for CIFS?  Or better stated, how do I mandate the only certain interfaces are used for this traffic?  Also, I am assuming I can share NFS traffic and CIFS traffic over these same interfaces (NFS=VMware datastores, CIFS=shares; different volumes obviously)

Re: CIFS Setup process


Hello Michael,

- The best way is to  define a VLAN for each protocol  on Netapp and client ( for example VLAN1 for NFS, and VLAN2 for Cifs) , and  configure each VLAN on  one interface ( for example e0a for VLAN1 and e0b for VLAN2). if you don't have enough interfaces, you can use VLAN tagging.

- You can also, with DOT 8.1,  disable protocol by interface with these options :

options interface.blocked.cifs

options interface.blocked.nfs

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