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CIFS Share not accesible (anymore)


Hi guys,


we ran into a problem with a CIFS share. The share was accesible all the time, but suddenly it's not. In the event logs I can see this error message:

(Nblade.cifsShrConnectFailed: vserverName="SVMName", vserverId="3", errorDescription="No such object", errorCode="2", shareName="Projects", serverIp="", clientIp="")


Till now I Checked the following settings:

- Volume : Is Online
- Share: Configured correctly
- Access Rights: Looks good (everyone with read/write)
- Junction Path: Looks good

I found this KB article ( with the exact same error message, but the snapmirror is not quiesced, snapmirror is in idle.

Any idea where else I could have a look?


Re: CIFS Share not accesible (anymore)



Normally, if the share path accessed by the cifs client does not exist, the storage will have such a warning.

What does the output below for the affected share look like:


cluster::>file-directory show -vserver <vserver name> -path <share path>




Re: CIFS Share not accesible (anymore)


Hello ,

the solution was too easy. Someone had deleted the complete folder from the filer and we had to restore it from a previous version. So your hint was right, but we found out before.

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