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CIFS Shares Without Adding to Domain?


Is it possible to create a CIFS server on cDOT 8.3 without joining it to a domain first?


We have several NFS SVMs with LIFs on a non-routable VLAN utilize jumbo frames and would like to create some CIFS shares on that VLAN too, however we cannot configure CIFS without first joining it to our domain over a routable interface.


Re: CIFS Shares Without Adding to Domain?

No; this possibility appears in Data ONTAP 9 (RC1 is now available).

Re: CIFS Shares Without Adding to Domain?

Thanks, we've settled on the SVM having two LIFs: one on the routable network that does the authenticating, and one on the non-routable jumbo frame network.  We were able to achieve harmony by deleting the route table entry for the non-routable network.

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