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CIFS - Windows7 Bug?...or something im doing wrong?


I think I may have found a bug when applying NTFS Permissions to a CIFS Share/QTree (with NTFS Security Style)...

When I try to apply NTFS Permission with Windows 7 (my workstations), I get "Access is Denied" messages....and Computer Management sometimes locks up in a loop.

BUT!...When I try to apply NTFS Permissions with Windows XP or Windows 2003, I don't get any errors, and its applies just fine!!

(Screenshots attached)

Wild...check it out on your end, and see if you get the same results..

Let me know.


Re: CIFS - Windows7 Bug?...or something im doing wrong?


Have a look at  It may help.

There are differences between XP/Windows2003 and Vista/W2K8/Windows7 with the response the MMC is expecting to get back from the Filer.

Mostly because of trying to map to the C$ share if I remember correctly.

Choose one of the options in the article.

Not all the options will work in everyones environment as it depends on your security requirements etc.

However is most cases option 1) is usually the most palletable.


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