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CIFS account permissions

Getting ready to setup CIFS for the first time on my filer. Running 8.1.3 7 mode.

When I run cifs_setup it will ask me for an AD account. I have 2 questions regarding that account.

1) I understand that account needs to have rights to add a computer to the domain. Is there any other rights it needs?

2) Is this account used only during the cifs_setup execution to add the filer to the domain? Or is it used for other domain communications after the fact? Didn't know if it was appropriate for me to use my administrative account or if we should have a generic system account for this where the password never changes.


Re: CIFS account permissions


1) Yes, that's all.

2) the accounts is used only for creating a computer account in the domain. Afterwards no service account is needed (the filer uses the computer account for communication with AD)



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