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CIFS auditing


Is possible in CIFS auditing to see all changes on one folder or document (accessing, deleting, editing,....).

Now i can only see logoff and logon events, but customer wants to track all changes on documents.

I saw netapp documents but i still don't know how to track all activities on documents.

Do you have any idea? Thank you!

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Re: CIFS auditing

good question.....

I m also considering this one to be implemented in my filers with CIFS...

Re: CIFS auditing

I've found the solution. In windows explorer i used this command on the folder i want to track:

FOLDER> right click -> Properties -> Security -> Advanced -> Auditing -> Add -> "Everyone" -> Check Names -> OK
Click in "Successful" and "Failed" boxes for "Create Files / Write Data", "Create Folders / Append Data", and "Delete".
"OK" back out.

It works OK now.


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