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CIFS file management tools

Has anyone found any file management tools that make it easy to move large amounts of CIFS files  around ?

Currently using robocopy - but wondering if there is anything better?


Re: CIFS file management tools

If your moving files from a physical server to NetApp, I use OSSV. Works very well for large data migrations.

Re: CIFS file management tools

yea....snapmirror, ndmpcopy all work for filer to filer

maybe ndmpcopy may more handy, since it works for filer to filer, also locally

Re: CIFS file management tools

The only thing with ndmpcopy is that you limited to 3 transfers before another baseline is needed. Level 0 is your base than level 1 and 2 are updates.

Re: CIFS file management tools

yea, i think he might just need a tool to move the data, not to keep difference data version replica.

Re: CIFS file management tools

Thanks for the prompt responses - yes I am cool with moving volume and qtrees around with various NetApp tools- issue I have is  the business wants/needs to move files/directories around inside shares and to new shares.

e.g. 200GB of photos - that are in a general document share -  now the marketing team want them in their own share.


IT support team - had a support share that included an area for ISO files - we are now doing DR - an part of that share will be need to be replicated of site with SnapMirror - but  I don't want the ISO to be replicated, so I need move them to their own share.

In a perfect world all these shares would be in their own volumes/qtrees  and I would not have need to ask the question, but our world is far from perfect.

No drama if no one can suggest anything better - just checking to see if robocopy is still the prefered tool.

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yea......ndmpcopy works for ur share-to-share situation. but inside the same share, u might still use ur robocopy.....

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I use OSSV

What is OSSV?

We use currently robocopy for migration from Windows Fileserver to Netapp VFiler.


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Please watch ACL on the root directory, when moving data with Robocopy, its very strange sometimes!

•To preserve existing permissions without adding inheritable permissions from the parent folder, use the Robocopy.exe utility ---->;EN-US;310316

If you move files named like 8.3 short names (, Robocopy can overwrite long named files, that get this short names before! ---->

Re: CIFS file management tools

What command line are you using with Robocopy to copy data from a physical server to the NetApp CIFS share?


I have using the following


ROBOCOPY "server driveletter\sharename" "NetApp share path" /E /CopyAll /SEC /SECFIX R:0


Basically: copy all files and folders, set NTFS permissions the way they are set, and do not retry any failures.


Issue i am having is I have a 1+ TB share that is taking FOREVER to copy, and the server and the NetApp are on the same Local Network.