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CIFS lock configuration


Hi All,

We have an issue that cifs locked files quit often, we manually unlock it, so that is not the issue.

So i just want to know is there any misconfiguration that might effect the the lock.

When compared to the other machines, i saw the "max locks" option was set to high.

Is setting too high might cause the lock occurence more frequent?

Model Name:         FAS3020

#ssh filer02 version

NetApp Release 7.2.4P7: Fri Apr 11 00:22:07 PDT 2008

#ssh filer02 cifs stat| grep lock
                lock        0  0%
              unlock        0  0%
            lockread        0  0%
          X&lockread        0  0%
         writeunlock        0  0%
            lockingX 1266147723  0%
         cancel lock        0
           wait lock        0
Max locks = 1785
Max gSMBBlockingQueue depth  = 3

Thanks for the help.


Re: CIFS lock configuration


i also foun the lockingX is quite high. Tried to google what lockingX means but not sure what it means.

Is it related too?

Re: CIFS lock configuration


Did anyone have any idea about this? Maybe some link so i can refer to..

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