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CIFS :: user lost lock on file after time

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Sometimes we notice a strange problem with accessing files, keeping locks and user access to files.


Our users got mapped network drive that points to a filer. They open a file (for example an excel sheet) and kept it open.

After a while (for example 3 hours) another user tries to open that file and DOESN'T get a message that this file is in use by the first one.

If the person tries this after a shorter amount of time (for example 10 minutes) it does get a message.




I thought that it should have to do with loosing locks, so I think that the protocol (CIFS) forum is the right place for this question.


Do you have any idea why users can loose there locks after a while?

Maybe, there is an option for that timeout?



How to troubleshoot this issue?



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Re: CIFS :: user lost lock on file after time



Refer this KB article How to break Common Internet File System Protocol (CIFS) locks from a Windows host,




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