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Cannot mount an NFS export from a CODT 8.3.1 Simulator

Hi all,


We have install an CDOT 8.3.1 simulator for testing.

The vserver will have CIFS and NFS access.

CIFS work fine, but I'm unable to mount an exported volume on an UNIX client.


Note that:

  - NFS license is installed

  - NFS is running on the vserver (NFS3 & NFS4)

  - Root vol of vserver has an export policy

  - Volume has an export policy

  - Command "export-policy check-access..." shows that the client has read-write access on the volume


NFS seems not to listen on any port on the filer


When trying to mount the volume on an UNIX client, following error occurs:

  mount: 1831-010 server <filer> not responding: RPC: 1832-019 Program not registered


The "rpcinfo -p <filer>" do not show any port with nfs registred.


Anyone can help ?


Many thanks





Re: Cannot mount an NFS export from a CODT 8.3.1 Simulator

For info,


I finally find the solution. The ndmp protocol was missing on the lif accessing the vserver. Recreating the lif with both nfs & cifs protocol solve the problem.



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