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Cannot remove qtree

I am unable to remove qtree on FAS 270... DataOntap v.

I get the following error;

API failure for  deleting the directory : /vol/shares/sharefolderReason : Directory not empty

After deleting the contents while mounted as a CIFS share, I still recieve this error.

Any suggestions?


Re: Cannot remove qtree

Try removing the CIFS share of the qtree and even underlaying directories.

Open the CIFS share of the volume in which the qtree is located, and delete the qtree there.

Re: Cannot remove qtree

I am unable to locate 'delete' command of the actual share itself (in GUI). I am mounting the volume with associated CIFS through UNC path. There isnt a delete function under the right click menu context.

Am I misunderstanding what you actually meant?

Re: Cannot remove qtree

Actually, I noticed that after dleeting all the data there wer esome object that had ownership conflicts and actually were not removed. Once i set the ACLs on those files and folders, I was able to successfully remove.


Re: Cannot remove qtree

Try - priv set advanced and then qtree delete.

I am not sure for ontap but this works for ontap 7.3 onwards for sure.


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