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Cifs / Domain / computer password


Quick question I think. I'm after a way of forcing the computer account password in AD that's used for cifs to be changed periodically on the netapp. The problem is that I run a scrupt that disables computer accounts where pwdlastchanged is quite old. The Netapp never changes its password as far as I can tell and this will cause problems. There's an option I've found called "schedule password change weekely". Is this what I'm looking for? Will cifs drop if i set it?




Re: Cifs / Domain / computer password

Hi Barry

the option you are looking for is:


This will tell the NetApp Controller to change the computer account password once per week, around 01:00 AM Sundays.

If you have many DC's in your Forrest, this can result in a short pause on the clients CIFS connection, with a maximum of 1 minute.

Hope this answers your question.