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Compare Netapp and SUN


want to let sun compare to the NetApp if you can give me the performance data for NFS


Re: Compare Netapp and SUN

Hmm....can you provide more details of what specifically you're looking for?

Re: Compare Netapp and SUN

The question is simple. Why NetApp is better than Sun-a. published by NetApp NFS tests are far from ideal normal operation of the system.

Re: Compare Netapp and SUN

Some food for thought here at least...

To be honest, I'm not sure you'll find a lot of people here intimately familiar with the current Sun storage lineup (was my first guess and also seems that way given the lack of response 😕 ).

Re: Compare Netapp and SUN

The word of the street is SUN simply doesn't deliver - both in the terms of reliability and performance.

I've heard that many times from many sources (including actual SUN customers), so have a right to believe that they are far from being Enterprise-level product.



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