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Confirming specific HBA support for SDU using IMT


I'm relatively new at NetApp (although I do know how to wield acronyms as you can see in the subject line! )

I am working with two customers to confirm the supported HBAs for a particular SMO/SDU implementation.  When I look up SAN solutions I can find specific HBAs for a host OS, but not NetApp software products such as SDU.  When I look up SDU as a solution, I can find host OSes that are supported, but not HBAs.

Can I assume the transitive law here, and that if an HBA is supported for a particular SAN config (including host OS) it is also supported for the SDU versions that support the same host OS release?  Or is there a way to compare these all simultaneously?

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Re: Confirming specific HBA support for SDU using IMT


SDU is a host-based application and is unrelated to HBA. As long as the HBA is supported and SDU is supported. Then you are fine.



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