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Connectivity issues to SnapDrive

Anyone run into this? On a E2K7 (on W2K3 nodes) failover recently, we are no longer able to administer SnapDrive disks/snapshots etc. Our active node is fine, but on the passive node the following symptoms exist:

Computer Management > Storage > SnapDrive > Disks

- The disk locations appears as '\\\Unknown#1012\data.lun' etc., instead of '\\\exchange_sgX_data$\data.lun' etc.

- If I try to expand etc., I get the error "unable to expand disk. error: the network name cannot be found" - even though I can properly browse to the disk/lun location by explorer etc.

- No snapshots appear on any of the virtual disks (though I know they're present).

Please help, thanks!


Re: Connectivity issues to SnapDrive

This was resolved via reconnecting the CIFS shares manually.  Unsure of what root cause was still.

Check out the KB!
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