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Correcting an old mistake


Ok, need help with the following.   A long time ago and 89T later I would like to rationalize our junctions-path to what they should be, so I'm looking for suggestions short of moving a bunch of file to a lower directory.  Here's how it was supposed to be created:


Volume Name   Path mounted

base_volume    /base_dir

vol01                     /base_dir/vol01data

vol02                     /base_dir/vol02data


With the share pointing at /base_dir


Well, a colleague configured it like this because he didn't quite understand nested junction-paths:


Volume Name   Path mounted

base_vol              /base_dir

vol01                     /base_dir/vol01/   then there's a directory call vol01data where vol01's data is at

vol02                     /base_dir/vol01/vol02data

vol03                     /base_dir/vol01/vol03data


The share is pointing at /base_dir/vol01.


Is it possible to mount a volume's sub-directory to a junction-path?  I want to mount vol01/vol01data to /base_dir/vol01data essentially.  I can't find any options like that.  there are no qtress here.


Re: Correcting an old mistake




i'm afraid not, only volumes can be mounted. you can use other solutions like symbolic links.





Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK
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