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Design feedback please

we have a single fas2020 and two hp procurve 2510 switches. The following design is suggested:



    multi vif01 (lacp) 

        |    |

     e0a     e0b

      /       \

     /         \

    /           \

switch1 ---- switch2





a multi vif is created with lacp, load balancing ip, e0a and e0b. e0a goes to switch1, e0b goes to switch2, vlans are necessary on the vif.

both procurve switches are connected with 2 wires toeachother. These ports are trunked and on switch1 lacp is active, spanning-tree is configured on both switches.

Will this work?




Re: Design feedback please


I believe the ProCurve 2510s are stackable, so in theory, one can create a LACP VIF with members across the two switches. Having said that, the specifics in the diagram you laid out begs a few questions/clarifications


a) On the FAS2020, multi vif01 (lacp) is indicated. In NetApp world, a vif type is either multi or lacp - not both. Type "multi" is a static EtherChannel (active/passive connection and no switch configuration is necessary) and type "lacp" is a LACP VIF (where it creates active/active connections and switch configuration IS necessary). You'll need to pick one


b) I can't speak for the switch side settings but I did dig up this doc that might be of use:



Re: Design feedback please

My mistake, they will use lacp not multi. 

Re: Design feedback please


How's the Procurve 2510's working out for NFS access to the storage.  I'm planning to purchase 2 of these on ebay for a home test network and just wanted to know if you ran into any issues with them.  Thanks.

Re: Design feedback please

The 2510 works fine



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