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DoT 8.2.1RC1, vScan, AV-Connector


Hello all!

  We have Netapp C-mode with CIFS server and running vScan (vscan on-access policy with "-filter scan-mandatory") on it with 2 AV servers (connected by AV-connectors, both are primary).

RKCLU::vserver vscan connection-status> vserver vscan connection-status show-all


Vserver Node Server Status         Disconnect Reason

----------- ----------------- --------------- -------------- -----------------

cifs1 RKCLU-01    connected      na

cifs1 RKCLU-01   connected      na

cifs1 RKCLU-02    disconnected   -

cifs1 RKCLU-02   disconnected   -

4 entries were displayed.

So, as you see: both connectors are connected. But only one AV-scanner was running on (in my test case). I trying to copy 1 file to the shared folder (for sample 1.exe) - passed. I try to open it from shared folder - failed, cause no response from NetApp woun't try to send file to the second connector, cause is online. So is it possible to detect antivirus process state on the AV-scanner machine and send files to the other one if it stopped?

In 7-mode all fine, cause AV-connector not using and when AV-scanner process stopped - it has disconnected state in "vScan scanners" command; so NetApp used next AV-scanner node in list.




Try to apply the secondary scanner policy to the scanner pool:

xxxxxxxx::vserver vscan scanner-pool> apply-policy -vserver yyyyyy -scanner-pool SV_LAB -scanner-policy ?

  primary                     Always active

  secondary                   Active if no primary Vscanner is connected

  idle                        Never active

With me I only have one vscan server, so cannot test this..

but I am sure this will help you.

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