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Does anyone use the vFiler root account?


When we create a vFiler during CIFS setup, we are prompted for a root password. Does anyone commonly use the root account on a vFiler and for what purpose?


Re: Does anyone use the vFiler root account?



Your question i am not abel to understand,

Do you want to know that while creting the CIFS setup on vfiler its asking the root password for domain authintication.

If you then here instead of root your can give your user id who has domain  admin access.


Bhola Gond

Re: Does anyone use the vFiler root account?


Prior to ONTAP 8.1, some use it for non-interactive ssh, and in 8.1 there is the ability to interactive ssh directly to the in cases where vFiler admins are delegated separate from vFiler0 some use it...but similar to vFiler0, most create separate user or domain accounts instead of root for access but do leave the root account as well.

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