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Efficiency Dashboard - Only "Global" group available



We have recently installed and scheduled the "Operations Manager Storage Efficiency Dashboard Plugin" ( in a Windows server.

The problem we get is that after defining some groups (based on volumes and LUNs existing in our systems), the report we get when checking the Efficiency Dashboard site is only available for the "Global" group, not for any other subgroup created in the hierarchy (beforehand, the checkbox "Apply to subgroups" in the script scheduling is selected).  Has anybody had that problem before?  Are we defining the groups or script schedule incorrectly?

Thanks in advance!


Re: Efficiency Dashboard - Only "Global" group available



In our Effeciency Dashboard, the only other options we have besides Global are groups which are comprised of physical systems.  So I have a group called FAS3170 which contains the two nodes for that filer.  That shows in my drop down list for the Effeciency Dashboard.  I have other groups created, e.g., Vmware-NFS which work fine within the Operations Manager, but are not listed within the Effeciency Dashboard.

Perhaps the Effeciency Dashboard only works with groups comprised of physical systems/hosts.



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