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Enabling SFTP to local user/ HOW ?


Trying enable SFTP to local user created by useradmin user & totally stuck.

Please help.

 user tuser failed, because the user is not permitted to do SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) operations.


Name: tuser
Info: test user
Rid: 131073
Groups: Administrators,sftpgroup


Name: sftpgroup
Rid: 131074
Roles: power,admin


Goal is to enable locally created user rights to use SFTP. 


P.S. not an option ( 


Re: Enabling SFTP to local user/ HOW ?

Re: Enabling SFTP to local user/ HOW ?

Not in this case. Smiley Sad

Customer request sounds: must be AD independent and console only managed.

Manualy modifying /etc/passwd & /etc/group - bad idea. Users created in such way cannot be managed by useradmin tool. (((


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