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Existing FAS into vFiler


I have an existing FAS3140 with iSCSI and CIFS in a production environment and would like to convert the system into a vFiler so we can provide storage in a multi-tenancy environment.

Is it true that vFiler function is in Data ONTAP and no separate license is required?

Can this conversion be done on an active system or will the data need to be moved off first?

Any good tips/references on how to accomplish this?

Many thanks in advance for any assistance!


Re: Existing FAS into vFiler


Hi frankmaisano,

Yes, You may wish to double check whether you got MultiStore license.

Yes. You can create new vFiler 'live' without interupt in your current filer.

Yes. You may wish to read through the 'MultiStore User GUide to start with + See the demo in NetApp University.

Good luck


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