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Expand NFS volume

Hi all,

I'm on DOT 8.1.

Usually I use iSCSI lun, but now I have an NFS volume exported.

What I'm not sure is, can I expand an NFS volume just like that?

vol vol1 +200G

Do I have to do something about the NFS?

Reason I ask is for iSCSI it's considered as block device, DOT doesn't have to concern about the filesystem.

But since NFS is filesystem, I think DOT should do something to expand the volume? Does DOT do it automagically or I have to do something?

Thank you.

Re: Expand NFS volume

No, you do not need to do anything. Command is effective immediately. It is “vol size” BTW (“size” was missing in your example).

Re: Expand NFS volume

Thank you very much