FAS 2240-2 → DE6600 Cabling Qestions



I am seeking advice as to whether or not I need to use (SaS, ACP) cables to connect the NetApp 2240-2 Dual Controller to the DE6600 disk shelf. Essentially, I am backing up to the FAS2240-2 and will use the expansion shelf for a Simpana 10/CommVault platform for deduplication and DR. Odd thing is no cables were included with the FAS2240-2. If I do indeed need to cable these two, can someone point out the connections?


NetApp FAS2240
Head Unit: FAS2240-2,HA,24x600GB,10GbE,Dual
Shelf Unit: 24x2.0TB,7.2K,6G,FAS22xx,SK
Roughly 45TB usable


E2700-R6 x1
Enclosure, 4U-60,DE6600,Empty,2PSU,0E,-C x1
Battery,E2700,0E x2
E2700A,8GB Controller, -C x2
Disk Drive,2TB,7.2k,FDE,DE6600,OE,-C x20





Thanks in advance!


Re: FAS 2240-2 → DE6600 Cabling Qestions

You can't connect them. You have two independent storage systems - FAS and E-series.