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FAS2020 - Controller not found


I'm trying to install and launch the FAS Easy-Start Wizard.

I finished the following steps of  the Installation and Setup Guide (FAS Easy-Start Wizard 1.1 for iSCSI Protocol on Windows):

1- Controller discovery;

2- Controller configuration;

3- Storage provisioning.

But now, when i try use the FAS Easy-Start Wizard, i receive the message:  " Controller(s) not found  - There were no controller(s) found for the specified IP address. Please verify the IP address suplied and make sure the controller is visible on the network. "

What can i do ?



Re: FAS2020 - Controller not found


As far as I know the Fas start easy wizard had end of life. You can check it in the now page.

The new management tool is System manager for windows. You can download it from the now page.


Re: FAS2020 - Controller not found

Thanks for your answer !

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