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FAS2040 protocol distribution

Hi team, I would like to know how to set the VIF's to be used by a Protocol, for example I want CIFS go trough vif pub01 and NFS go over vif nfs01, I have my VIF's already created pub01 trunked to e0a and e0b and nfs01 trunked to e0c and eod but I do not know how to assign this, is this possible ??

thank you very much in advance

Re: FAS2040 protocol distribution

You would need to look into these options, available from at least 7.3.2:


I have not used them, so I don't know the limitations...

- Scott

Re: FAS2040 protocol distribution

If you’re using System manager you can for example turn off ISCSI under the ISCSI protocol option on a given adapter… so rather than enabling the protocol on an interface, you disable it…

That or the CLI as suggested will do it…

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