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FSRM and SnapDrive for Windows?


I would like to confirm that my understanding of licensing File Storage Resource Manager is correct.  From the Ops Manager documentation, I believe that SnapDrive for Windows is NOT required for use with Windows host agents.  I  am thinking that the reason SnapDrive for Windows versions are documented as compatible with version 3.8 is in case SD for Windows is installed on the host.

Thank you for any feedback.



Re: FSRM and SnapDrive for Windows?

FSRM does not require SDW.

Re: FSRM and SnapDrive for Windows?

Hi Tom,

Ops Manager needs Host Agent installed on the host for communication with the host.

The Host Agent has 2 plugins,

1. FSRM plugin - used for File SRM

2. SAN plugin - used for SAN related operations, including LUN create/expand/delete using SnapDrive

The LUN operations are very much restricted & most probably it might be scrapped as we have more advancements in Provision Manager.

Now for your query, FSRM doesn’t require SnapDrive.

SnapDrive is required only for the SAN related operations.



Re: FSRM and SnapDrive for Windows?

Thank you for the replies.  My question has been answered.

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