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FTP question


Hello Folks - I have enabled ftp on my 2020 ( and have a useage question.  I don't want to limit domain users to only their AD "home drive" - i'd like it to be a bit more robust - basically, if the domain user has the NTFS persmissions to get into a folder, they can get there.

From reading a few netapp docs, this doesn't seem possible - seems like it's a one-to-one corralation - user ->home drive.

Am I missing something?

Many thanks.


Re: FTP question


Check out the following option:


It's on by default.  Turning it off should help.

From the man page

Sets user home directory restriction. The off (or none) setting indicates that there is no home directory restriction for regular users. When this option is set to on (or homedir), each named account user's access is restricted to that user's own home directory or to the override directory, if one is specified by the ftpd.dir.override option.

Default: on

Values: on, off, none, homedir

Effective: Upon FTP client reconnection

Persistence: Remains in effect across system reboots

Hope this helps.

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Re: FTP question


Thanks Adam, that worked perfectly:

With the ftpd.dir.restriction set to off and the ftpd.dir.override set to the top of the share, any domain user can log on, and navigate to where they have NTFS permissions - many thanks.

Re: FTP question


I wanted to take this post one step more. With the restriction off, a user can navigate to "other homerdirs" within the FTP/CIFS volume, but what I wish to do is allow any Domain User I select read/write into a single home directory. It appears for every Domain User I need to have the same folder created with that Domain User ID, which works great. I just want to be able to have about 50 Domain Users FTP to a single folder. Is this possible? I don't with to use anonymous as I don't wish to open up to the world.

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