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Generic SNMP OID/Trap for general fault


Is there a way via SNMP to be notified of a general fault: disk missing, power supply removed, etc.?


Re: Generic SNMP OID/Trap for general fault


I use a lot of snmp to monitor our filers. Here are two snmp oid's that I monitor that match what you're asking for:

name: miscGlobalStatus

oid: .


This indicates the overall status of the appliance.
The algorithm to determine the value uses both
hardware status (e.g. the number of failed fans) and
volume status (e.g. number of volumes that are full).
The algorithm is subject to change in future releases,
but the range of values will not change.

name: miscGlobalStatusMessage

oid: .


A string describing the global status,
including a description of the condition (if
any) that caused the status to be anything
other than ok(3).

There are lots of other oid's and traps that can be monitored. Have a look at the snmp mibs which you can find on the vol0 volume of the filers in the mib directory.

Re: Generic SNMP OID/Trap for general fault



I want to monitor my NetApp 6210 and 3170 SAN storage. I am pretty much done with everything. I am using open source third party NMS and doing SNMP based monitoring of my storage infrastructure. i am struck at below points:

1. Number of IOPs per volume.

2. Aggregate number of IOPs on all volumes.

3. Number of IOPs on each physical disk.

Prompt response in this regard will be highly appreciated.



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