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How NetApp processes disconnected FPolicy primary-servers



I have configured NetApp FPolicy on a SVM. The FPolicy server I have developed is a synchronous server. It gets open and read requests from NetApp for offline files.


Suppose we have multiple FPolicy “primary-servers” and few of them are in connected state while others are in disconnected state. How will NetApp handle the disconnected servers? Will NetApp send requests only to the connected servers or will NetApp send requests to disconnected servers and if those fail send requests to other servers until NetApp finds a connected server?


We ran into a scenario where there are 10 connected primary-servers and 5 disconnected primary-servers. But access to a directory failed. So trying to understand what would have caused this issue.

Thanks for your help!


Re: How NetApp processes disconnected FPolicy primary-servers




You can refer FPolicy Solution Guide for Clustered Data ONTAP 



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