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How Send Mail Netapp


We have a Netapp Storage FAS2020, we need to configure the equipament to send email on some logs for my mail, such as logs snap list daily. Our client request these daily reports.

I think we can configure the Netapp to email to a relay server, because the client has access via CIFS and storage is in the AD domain of the client, is this possible?

Could you help me how to proceed?



Re: How Send Mail Netapp

The only mail the storage controller can send is AutoSupport.  You can configure AutoSupport through the autosupport options.  You can't configure the controller to send specific commands via email.  If that is your requirement, you will need to run a script from a trusted host and have that host send the email.

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Re: How Send Mail Netapp

Thanks Adam,

I"ll be creating a scritp to run rsh, will deliver the result to the client by SMTP.

Re: How Send Mail Netapp


Are you able to do this. I am trying to do this on UNIX side.



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