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How to destroy my Netapp

Goodmorning all,

My FAS3220 is EOL and will be scrapped, what is the easiest way to delete all the data in a way that it cannot be recovered ?

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Re: How to destroy my Netapp

You can make use of Disk sanitization feature: [It's free]
Disk sanitization enables you to remove data from a disk or set of disks so that the data can never be recovered.

Useful links: [Covers both 7-mode and cDOT/ONTAP]
How to perform Disk Erasure, Disk Clearing and Disk Sanitization

Re: How to destroy my Netapp

Re: How to destroy my Netapp


Thank you for your info !

Before santitizing the disks they must be marked as spare disks, can't find the command to make them spare.

any help is appriciated



Re: How to destroy my Netapp



Are the disks that you intend to convert to 'spare' part of an aggregate ? If yes - You must destroy the aggregate, all the disks will be converted to 'spare'. Before that : Make sure the aggregate does not contain volumes (data) that are or will be neded in future. If so, then first move those volumes to another aggregate.


Is that your query ?

Re: How to destroy my Netapp

My problem is that if I try to put the aggragate offline it comes with :


dtgfiler1> aggr offline aggr0
aggr offline: Cannot offline aggregate 'aggr0' because it contains one or more flexible volumes.











Re: How to destroy my Netapp

Are the volumes in the aggregate :  still there ?  You must offline and destroy the volumes before you could destroy the aggregtes, this is to ensure that you do not want to keep anything.


Re: How to destroy my Netapp

All volumes are deleted except vol0, this volume is still online and cannot set offline...


Re: How to destroy my Netapp


Use the force command. Is it cdot ?


Plz take a look at the kb. Let me know if you can access it.

Re: How to destroy my Netapp

Fas3220 is running Ontap 7, the commands in the KB don't wordk