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How to get notified about wafl.vol.outOfInodes



Our company works with high-resolution images, that we process into millions of image tiles (like Google Maps).

These images are stored on a vol. We've ran into the issue of the vol running out of inodes twice now... so, is there a way I can be notified via email when the filer throws this error :

Tue Jul  9 10:48:48 SAST [MyFiler:wafl.vol.outOfInodes:notice]: file system on Volume myvolume is out of inodes


Re: How to get notified about wafl.vol.outOfInodes


Hi - I had a similar issue with a large vol and CIFS share used to store documents, which hit the inode limit. From memory the only way we could see the issue, was when we logged on the CLI and looked at the system messages being generated and the warnings. System Manager wont alert you to it. DFM Operations Manager alerts you I believe, but this is a separate licensed product. I would possibly look at using PowerShell and the Data ONTAP cmdlets to see if there is one for the inodes, or one that can access/get the messages log and email you the output.



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Re: How to get notified about wafl.vol.outOfInodes


I use Operations Manager (Data Fabric Manager was the old name).

I have configured it to send alarms for such things as emails to me and our command center. For good measure I also have configured certain alarms to be  to sent to me  as SMS alerts using a SMS gateway provider on the internet.

For you inode problem, you would get a email like this:

A Warning event at 08 Jul 00:58 Romance Daylight Time on Volume XXvolumenameXX on Storage System  XXstoragesystemnameXX

90.00% (87485891 out of total 97085638) inodes have been used up.

Click below to see the details of this event.


*** Event details follow.***

General Information


DataFabric Manager server Serial Number: 1-50-1039 Alarm Identifier: 21

Event Fields


Event Identifier: 1042554

Event Name: Inodes Almost Full

Event Description: Inode utilization of the file system Event Severity: Warning Event Timestamp: 08 Jul 00:58

Source of Event


Source Identifier: 64507

Source Name: storagesystem:/VOL0234_VFILER_data1

Source Type: Volume

Name of the host: XstoragesystemnameXX Type of the host: Storage System Host identifier: 3980

Event Arguments


dfKBytesPercent: 37.2724

dfKBytesTotal: 17179869184

dfMountedOn: VOL0234_VFILER_data1

dfInodesUsed: 87485891

dfInodesPercent: 90

dfInodesTotal: 97085638

dfKBytesUsed: 6403344876

--NetApp DataFabric Manager

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