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How to verify the NFSv4 domain value ?


We completed the procedure to match the domain value on both the filer and the solaris 10 client

On the filer side:

nfs.v4.enable               on           localdomain

On the solaris 10 side in /etc/default/nfs:


However, all file ownership is still squashed to "nobody" on the v4 mount.

and I am getting the following on the solaris /var/adm/messages

nfs: [ID 609956 kern.warning] WARNING: NFSMAPID_DOMAIN does not match the server: domain            .

My question is "How do I verify the NFSv4 domain value on the filer side ?

I already checked and verified the solaris side that it is the value specified.

Thanks in advance.


How to verify the NFSv4 domain value ?


I found my answer in the KB pile.  Turns out "vfiler" (virtual) got an extra step.

But I think this should be up front in the manuals and not buried deep in the KB pile

"Incorrect NFSv4 ID domain mapping in a MultiStore environment"

KB ID: 2012567 Version: 1.0 Published date: 05/03/2010

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How to verify the NFSv4 domain value ?


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How to verify the NFSv4 domain value ?



I have the necessary settings as the KB suggests. But still I am seeing the files owned by root are "nobody"nobody". Do I need to check anything else?

Pls assume I have set the following in client and filer:

1. The domain name matches the client and filer.

2. Copied the /etc/passwd and /etc/group to the vfiler.



Re: How to verify the NFSv4 domain value ?


Sorry, I do not an answer for you. Only wish you luck on your quest.

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