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Is there a full list of "NA_element"?


see subject.


Re: Is there a full list of "NA_element"?


Hi Jinaz,

Can you kind elaborate the question above?

Are you looking of the list of methods and variables under Na_Element class?

Also, please specify the programming language you are using.

Re: Is there a full list of "NA_element"?


hi, Sens,

     thanks.  Yes, we're looking for the full list of methods and all its children, below info is quoted from my partner:


We are using Java, in the following example, quota-list-entries
is a NaElement, quota-entries is it’s child,


I need to know the complete list of NaElement (such as
quota-list-entries) and list of it’s children.

NaElementquotaElem= new NaElement(“quota-list-entries”);


NaElementout = s->invokeElem(quotaElem);


List quotaList= quota_data.getChildren();


best regards,

Zhou Jian

Re: Is there a full list of "NA_element"?


There is a sample code that demonstrates how to list quota entries using quota-list-entries API. You can find the sample code in NMSDK bundle  under src/sample/Data_ONTAP/Java/quotalist/

If you are specifically looking for full list of NaElement methods and its usage, then you can find the javadoc in NMSDK bundle  under doc/javadoc.

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