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LACP not recommended for iSCSI?

Is it true what I have been told in the past that LACP in a interface group should not be used for SAN protcols like iSCSI between a NetApp filer and a stack of switches what then connect to servers and that instead only MPIO should be used to provide resilience to servers coonnecting to a NetApp SAN using iSCSI?


In other words, when is LACP or the use of Interface Groups not reccomnded despite being technicly possible.


Either way, can you please provide a NetApp based source to what is recomencded / not reccomnded in relation to the above.


Regards: Elliott.


Re: LACP not recommended for iSCSI?



is the note in the middle of page 12 answers your concern?



Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK
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