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I need to make a change to our security setup for our backup product (SQL Backup Pro). At present I have manually granted it access to the Backup LUNS on each of the DB servers however I am finding that when I want to run a restore, the account does not have the appropriate rights. (I have a work around in that I can run the restore under my own domain account but I want to resolve this issue so that it is not only myself that could complete restores)

Full Control from the top level of the data drive for each of the DB servers in our both the environments (so the rights cascade to ALL LUNS associated with that drive )

Note :- All our LUNS were mapped as mount points under one DRIVE.

Protocol:- iSCSI

Please help me to solve the above issue.




Re: LUN Permissions


No security style ( Except CHAP or ZONING ) for LUN at Storage Level only OS security Style will be applied. We need to give access to LUNS only at the OS level not at the Storage level.

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