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Local SnapShot Busy


How can I stop a local snapshot "BUSY", it has been running for 3 days.

Please see attachment.

I have tired to use snap delete vol ....

This is the error I get back.

is busy because of LUN clone, snapmirror, sync mirror, volume clone, snap restore, dump, CIFS share, volume copy, ndmp, WORM volume, SIS Clone

If someone can please get back to me it would be great

Thank you



Re: Local SnapShot Busy

Hi Edwin

Did you perform any backup job that still running?

Or for exemple using VSC did you mount backup?

You can have a look may be to article KB 1010151

Re: Local SnapShot Busy

Hi Ricco,

Thank you for responding.

Yes for some reason it was to do with Symantec tape backup. It created a job and I had to reboot the backup server to kill the job on Netapp. I could of been one off.

Thank you


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