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MMC ... You do not have permissions to see the open files

Hi Team,


Although we have full control on all CIFS shares.. But when i connect this filer via MMC. It say You do not have permissions to list open files or open sessions. This problem is on 9.3P2.

I have another node that is on ontap 9.1P3, it has all the same CIFS settings as on 9.3P2 but it has no problems working with MMC.


Any idea, how to fix this ?


Awaiting response.



Re: MMC ... You do not have permissions to see the open files

You can do the below :

Enter diag mode
::> set diag
::> diag secd authentication show-creds -node <node_where_data_lif_resides> -vserver <svm> -win-name <domain\your_account>

This command would tell you if your account is a member of the BUILTIN\Administrators group or if you are a member of the domain admins group.
It will also provide the Privileges you have got.
If you are an admin then normally you would see your account will have the following privileges:
Privileges (0x22b7):


If the privileges are not showing up  inspite of you being an administrator then run the command below which could fix the issue
::*> diag secd configuration reload -node <node1>
::*> diag secd configuration reload -node <node2>

Note: This command is harmless and wont cause any impact.